Welcome to Carlton, Minnesota


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Make Yourself At Home

"I crouched quietly in the patch of tall weeds. Around me fell the shadow of the viaduct that carried a highway over the railroad yards. From the edge of the yards, I squinted as I watched the railroad cars being switched from track to track. As hard as it was for me to look at into the late summer sun, I knew nyone in the sun would have a hard time seeing me in the shade. Cars and trucks were rolling over the viaduct, but what occupied my attention was the dark cool corridor underneath it, where I hoped to intercept my train." ~Ted Conover

So begins Ted Conover's Rolling Nowehere, a book about riding the rails with America's hoboes. It seems like as good a start as any to a blog dedicated to nostalgic reminiscenses and a tribute to those who survived hard times on society's outer fringe. Welcome to Hobo Junction. We're hoping it becomes a warm hearth where you can rest a spell, dry your wet socks and shoes, and enjoy a few morsels of hope, the essential fuel of life.

Get some shuteye if you need it. The next train will be along shortly.